Play Rummy Games & Win Big Cash Prices On R Rummy

Play Rummy Games & Win Big Cash Prices On R Rummy

Rummy is an age-old card game that involves two or more players to play with. In this game, participants need to form sets and sequences using a pile of 52 cards. A player who makes 0 points is declared the winner. At least a pure and impure sequence must be created in Rummy in order to win. Playing the traditional game with cards is fun. But, to double the fun, people get online gaming platforms these days. Besides offering an intriguing game of Rummy, the platforms also give cash prizes to players when they win a Rummy game. One such example is the r rummy—this a platform where people get to play various Rummy games. GetMega is also a great platform to play rummy games online and earn money. The platform further gives exciting cash prizes to players once they win a match. To know more about R Rummy, read the article below. 

About R Rummy

In April 2020, R Rummy was launched. Krishtee Technology India Private Limited owns and manages the platform. The company also provides frequent improvements and app updates. When it comes to playing online Rummy, R Rummy is one of the best choices. The platform further promises to deliver top-quality gaming to all Rummy fanatics. The makers of R Rummy understand the importance of security and safety and thus, they prioritise that factor. 

R Rummy provides fun Rummy games that people can participate in. The platform also presents different features that make it different from the rest of the online Rummy platforms. Despite its latest release, R Rummy app has been functioning well in the category of online card games. This game has attracted a large amount of audience as well as overall attention. If you are just experiencing the basics of Rummy or if you are a pro Rummy player, either way, you can try your hands at R Rummy. 

R Rummy game types

On R Rummy players can witness 4 gaming modes. Three of them provide Rummy games. They are: Pool, Deals and Points. The fourth one is for newbies who wish to run a quick practise session before playing a big match. 

Features of R Rummy

R Rummy comes with several features, making it stand out from the rest of the Rummy-gaming platforms. The features are as follows: 

Fast matches

On R Rummy, you don’t have to wait for the Rummy game that you intend to play. The games are rapidly available on the platform and you can compete against one or more players, depending on the gaming mode. 

Authentic platform

The platform of R Rummy is authentic. It comes with the element of online Rummy matches that helps hone the skills of Rummy players. Furthermore, the platform also offers different Rummy game variants. 

Rapid withdrawal & deposit

The platform provides multiple player choices along with rapid deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, it takes less than a day to complete the process of withdrawal and deposits. 

Secure platform

To keep the platform of R Rummy safe and secure, Krishtee Technology India Private Limited has introduced a plethora of security elements. 

Cash rewards

Like many other Rummy apps, R Rummy also provides cash prizes to players who win different Rummy matches. In addition, the platform also offers a welcome bonus for first-time users and a “refer and earn” option, once you refer the platform to your friends and family. 

The registration or login process of R Rummy

Logging into the portal of R Rummy is very simple. To play the game, it is also an important step to create an account. Following are the steps to register and create an R Rummy account. 

  • Once the app gets installed, click on the platform’s icon and it will open. 
  • Select the preferred language and you will be directed to the registration process page. 
  • Once you see the registration page, you need to fill in vital details like your name, phone number, etc. 
  • You will receive a One Time Password to verify your account. Once you enter the OTP, you need to create a password for the R Rummy account that only you would know. 
  • Finally, you have to select the “Register” option and the process will be completed. 

Once your registration is successful, you will be able to access the account. 

The process of playing games on R Rummy

After the process of registration, check whether you can log in to R Rummy’s portal. Once you access the portal, select the game zone. On the screen, you will be able to see different game variants. After that, you have to select a game of your own liking. Once the game has been selected, you will be directed to the match zone. From there, you can select any of the matches based on your skill set. Remember that, to play the match an entry fee is required. So, make sure you have sufficient money to participate in the Rummy matches. 

So, R Rummy is just the right place if you want to earn some quick cash prizes by playing Rummy games. To get started, you need to register on the platform and select the game of your choice. 

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