What is Corn Flour | Uses of Corn Flour

What is Corn Flour | Uses of Corn Flour

Corn flour (Corn Starch)

You must have often used corn flour in your kitchen or seen someone using it, but do you know what is corn flour and how it is made, today in this post we will talk about it.

What is Corn flour or Corn Starch

Corn flour is a starch obtained from corn (maize) grains. It is a white powder. To make corn flour, its husk is first removed from the corn grain and then it is ground into powder. This powder is called corn flour. Huh .

Corn starch is a common food ingredient, often used to thicken sauces or soups and to make corn syrup.

Difference between Maize flour and Corn flour

If you consider Maize flour and Corn flour to be the same, then you are wrong. Following are the major differences between these two.

  • To make Maize flour, corn kernels are dried and ground directly and to make corn flour, husks are removed and then ground.
  • Corn flour is white in color while maize flour is pale yellow in color.
  • Corn flour is a fine powder whereas Maize flour is a bit thick and coarse like normal flour.

Uses of Corn flour

  • Corn flour is used to thicken sauces or soups
  • It is also used to mix in corn syrup or any other syrup
  • Cornstarch can be used to soothe sunburns and skin irritations. Applying its paste reduces skin irritation
  • Cornstarch or corn flour is also used to lighten dark spots on the skin or face.

कॉर्न फ्लोर कहाँ से खरीदें?

कॉर्न फ्लोर को आप अपने किसी नजदीकी किराने की दुकान से खरीद सकते हैं इसकी कीमत लगभग 200 से 500 रुपये प्रति किलो होती है

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  1. Arrowroot powder if we used make diarrhoea , which is stomach cleaner in a as frequently manner , may upset stomach .
    Maize flour it have its yellow colour , hence no need to mix colour in any recipe but corn flour have no maize outer layer ( karnel ) which needs again karnal of other source.
    Hence maize flour is better than corn flour although , both are same maize source .


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