Exploring the Different Types of Edge Protection Systems

When it comes to working at heights, ensuring workers safety is of paramount importance. Falling from edges or rooftops poses a significant risk and can result in serious injuries or even fatalities. To mitigate these risks, edge protection systems are implemented. These systems are designed to provide a physical barrier that prevents workers from accidentally falling off edges or roofs. This blog will explore the various edge protection systems commonly used in different industries. From a roof guardrail to temporary edge protection, each system plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of workers working at heights.

Roof Guardrail:

Guardrails are one of the most common types of edge protection systems used on roofs. These are typically made of metal or other sturdy materials installed around the roof’s perimeter. The primary function of a roof guardrail is to create a physical barrier that prevents workers from falling off the roof’s edge. These provide a visible and durable safety solution, offering peace of mind to workers and employers alike. They are easy to install and can be customised to fit the specific requirements of different roof designs and structures.

Safety Nets:

Safety nets are another popular edge protection system used in various industries, particularly construction and building maintenance. These are designed to catch a falling worker, preventing them from hitting the ground or lower levels. These nets are made of high-tensile strength materials capable of withstanding considerable impact forces. Safety nets are typically installed horizontally below the work area, providing a reliable and effective safety measure. They offer an added advantage of flexibility, as they can be adjusted to accommodate different work environments and configurations.

Mobile Man Anchors:

In situations where edge protection systems need to be portable and flexible, mobile man anchors are often employed. These anchors are designed to provide an anchor point for personal fall arrest systems, allowing workers to move freely while maintaining their safety. Mobile man anchors are often used in construction, maintenance, and inspection, where workers need to access various parts of a structure or building. These anchors can be easily transported and quickly set up, offering a versatile solution for working at heights in different locations.

Temporary Edge Protection:

In certain scenarios where permanent edge protection systems are not feasible, temporary edge protection solutions come into play. Temporary edge protection systems are designed to be installed and removed as needed, providing a temporary barrier to prevent falls. These systems often consist of guardrails, posts, and other components that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. Temporary edge protection is commonly used during construction projects, roof repairs, or other short-term work activities where a permanent solution is not required.

Cable Systems:

Cable systems are another type of edge protection system that offers flexibility and versatility. These systems typically consist of steel cables secured to anchor points and run horizontally along the edge of a building or structure. Workers can connect their fall arrest equipment, such as harnesses and lanyards, to the cable, allowing them to move along the edge safely. Cable systems are particularly useful when workers navigate complex or irregular roof designs.


Edge protection systems are a crucial component of ensuring the safety of workers at heights. Each type of edge protection system has unique features and benefits, from roof guardrails to safety nets, mobile man anchors, temporary edge protection, and cable systems. Employers and workers need to understand the specific requirements of their work environments and choose the appropriate edge protection system accordingly. By implementing effective edge protection measures, you can create safer work environments and reduce the risks of working at heights.

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