What is real estate, Real estate business

What is real estate, Real estate business

What is real estate

If you are thinking of doing business or studying about business, then you must have been introduced to the word Real Estate, but do you know what real estate is? Otherwise, detailed information about real estate and real estate business has been given in this post.

What is Real Estate?

The land and the buildings situated on it are collectively called real estate. It also includes natural resources such as crops, minerals, water, fixed assets, etc. Real estate is also called landed property, real estate or immovable property. 

Fixed assets, or real estate, are distinguished from personal property not permanently attached to land, such as vehicles, boats, jewelry, furniture, equipment, and agricultural farm stock. 

Types of Real Estate

  • Residential real estate – Any property used for residential purposes such as homes, cooperatives, duplexes, townhouses, etc. is residential real estate. 
  • Commercial real estate – Property used for commercial purposes such as apartment complexes, gas stations, grocery stores, hospitals, hotels, offices, parking facilities, restaurants, shopping centers, stores, and theaters, etc. 
  • Industrial real estate – Any property used for manufacturing, production, distribution, storage and research and development such as factories, power plants and warehouses etc. 
  • Land – This includes undeveloped property like vacant land, and agricultural land etc.

What is Real Estate Business

Buying and selling of any real estate is real estate business, it includes buying and selling of land, building etc. 

In this post, we have given you all the general information about real estate, hope you have liked this post, if you have any other question or suggestion about real estate, then you can ask in the comment, we will definitely answer it. .

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