What are the different Types of Internet

What are the different Types of Internet

Types of Internet

Internet is used by all of us, you are able to read this post with the help of internet also, but do you know what are the types of internet or through which means we can use internet. The types of internet and which one is the best is explained in this post. Types of Internet Connection

In today’s time, most of us use the Internet, whether it is the field of education, business or entertainment, Internet has an important contribution in every field, Internet has made all these fields convenient and easy through the Internet. We can get knowledge of any subject whenever we want, we can make our business accessible to more people, we can connect with our friends, relatives, Internet has a big role in the field of entertainment too, in today’s time there is no such field. Which is not related to internet.

Types of Internet

The type of internet refers to the type of internet connection. There are following types of internet connections.

Mobile Internet

Mobile internet is most used in India, in this we are provided internet through mobile network. Jio, Airtel, BSNL and V are major mobile internet providers in India. 2G, 3G and 4G are different types of internet plans for mobile internet. Available Mobile is the cheapest means of using the Internet.


The full name of DSL is Digital Subscriber Line, in which the common two-copper wire telephone line is also used to provide internet, from this line landline telephone and internet run through the same wire.


Broadband is a high speed internet medium, it is also a type of DSL internet but its bandwidth is much higher than DSL due to which its speed is higher.
This type of internet reaches our home with the help of wires, after that we use it with the help of modem, router and LAN cable.

Satellite Internet

In satellite internet, internet is used through satellite. This type of internet is not used much because it is not possible to transfer data fast through satellite but it is known in some areas where broadband connection is not available. There may be a satellite internet option available.

These were some types of internet which are popular, out of these, mobile internet and broadband are most used. If you want cheap internet then mobile internet is the best option and broadband is the best option for fast speed internet.
By reading this post, you must have understood that Types of Internet – How many types of Internet are there and which one is better for you.

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